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We recognize, respect and support the various faith commitments of our diverse clientele; SEED (Spiritual Engagement, Education, & Development) is motivated and grounded in decades of Lutheran tradition and Christian values: acceptance, grace, forgiveness, and renewal inspired by Jesus Christ.  Embedded into our programming, SEED is a healing network that promotes personal growth, renewed relationships and the development of spirit-filled lives.

In response to God's love and grace in Jesus Christ, the SEED Program assesses our children's spirituality and engages children, staff, and volunteers in developing spirit-filled lives, bringing healing and growth according to His grace. Lutheran Child and Family Services seeks to provide each of our clients, as well as staff and volunteers, with the resources they require to deepen their religious and spiritual lives and to discover who they are.

In the past forty years or so, a substantial amount of research has shown that there exists an empirical link between religion and mental and physical health. In fact, multiple studies have suggested that people who perceive closeness to a just and benevolent God experience less depression and higher self-esteem, less loneliness, and greater relational maturity, as well as greater capacity for dealing with stress. The SEED program seeks to deepen our children's spiritual experience and to use spirituality as a tool and avenue for healing.

Upon arrival, each child is assessed to gauge their interest or relationship with whichever higher power they revere. Though we are a faith-based organization, affiliated with the Evangelical Lutheran Church of America and the Lutheran Church - Missouri Synod, we believe in and are committed to the freedom of expression and worship for each and every one with and for whom we work.

We’re committed—with your support—to assist our residents, clients and their families in two ways: by providing encouragement toward both ROOTEDNESS and GROWTH in mind, body, and spirit.

SEED services include:

  • Voluntary, weekly chapel services and Bible study
  • Renewing relationships by addressing children’s anger
  • Restoring hope through understanding and coping with grief
  • Moving toward healing and growth by proactively focusing on hurt, pain and loss
  • Connecting children with caring faith communities and mentors
  • Providing training in spiritual care to faith leaders, families, and volunteers

If you would like more information about SEED, please contact our Spiritual Life Leader Kathy Witto

Join Circle of Hope Today!

We at Lutheran Child and Family Services are indebted to our volunteers! Their love provides hope in so many ways to those we serve. Would you consider joining our Circle of Hope? If you enjoy working directly with the residents, there are plenty of opportunities!

  • Get a group of friends from church or community together to visit once a month for group activities with a set of residents.
  • If you have a talent to share, consider coaching in job skills, athletics, music, or STEM.
  • We are also looking for anyone interested in joining the Spiritual Team to help, when available, with chapel services or Bible studies.

If you are interested, please contact Kathy Witto to begin the volunteer process! 

And now these three remain: faith, hope and love. And the greatest of these is love. (1 Corinthians 13:13)

We love because he first loved us. (1 John 4:19)

Refracting God's Light: Bringing Stained Glass to Lutherwood

To enhance the spiritual experience, LCFS endeavored to make the chapel an inviting and welcoming place that garnered feeling of comfort, peace, and support.  Since the seventh century, stained glass has been used in church windows to illustrate Biblical themes and to teach Bible stories to new generations. In our efforts to engage the children of Lutherwood in the Word of God, we desired to provide them something which brought wonder and intrigue to so many people who grew up in the Church.

The SEED Committee worked with The Center for Liturgical Arts at Concordia University, Nebraska to design a Stained Glass installation for the Lutherwood Chapel. On April 13th, 2019, we celebrated and dedicated the installation during a special service.

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