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LCFS is keenly aware of the intensive needs in the community.  The impact of poverty/food insecurity, opioid abuse, and untreated mental health conditions have converged to create the perfect storm, rendering existing systems and approaches less than optimal in resolving social concerns.  LCFS has a long history of service, collaborative approaches, established relationships with other service providers, and a mission-focused service delivery model poised to fully implement 2 Generation (2Gen) Services through the innovative, collaborative INSPIRE (Identify Needs, Support Potential, Increase Resiliency & Empowerment) program.

LCFS, in collaboration with Community Health Network initially partnered with Paramount Schools of Excellence (Paramount) in 2019 to pilot this program that utilizes a 2 Gen Services Approach.  While LCFS has substantial experience working with family units as well as individual members, the organization has found that services are maximized through collaboration and promoting a synergistic approach to meeting family/community needs.  Through INSPIRE, LCFS helps families gain the skills/resources needed to escape the cycle of poverty via improved education, enhanced employment, increased health and wellness, and expansion of social capital.

LCFS expanded the INSPIRE program in 2020/2021 by offering service to additional families in our community.  We engaged people currently served by the Sharing Place as well as youth/families referred by the Metropolitan School District of Lawrence Township (MSD-LT). Through collaboration with multiple community partners, LCFS strengthened our service impact - clients receiving assistance with food insecurity or other challenges were given the opporutnity to access educational supports, employment skills development, economic advancement opportunities, social capital capacity building, and access to health services necessary for transformational client experiences.

In 2022, the program was expanded again with the advent of our Inspiring Indianapolis Youth initiative. This new facet of programming provides LCFS with the opportunity to enhance and enrich the services provided to the youth in the families served through the INSPIRE program.  We began our pilot of this program in fall of 2022 at IPS 88, Anna Brochhausen Elementary School.  Through our youth enrichment programming, we help children develop social skills, promote positive mental health and primary prevention of substance mis-use, engage in educational, but fun activities, and support improved communication that enhances the relationships of parents, students, and school partners.  A key element of the Inspiring Indianapolis Youth initiative is our use of teen apprentices through the Modern Apprenticeship Program to assist with both program design and implementation.  Apprenticeships are three years in duration, and begin during the teen's junior year in high school.  Our Apprentices play a critical role in programming, serving as mentors and guides to the elementary students engaged in our youth enrichment aftershcool program.  In 2023, LCFS plans to expand the our youth enrichment program by adding additional apprentices and increasing the number of youth enrolled in the program.

Learn more about INSPIRE by watching this video:

Learn more about the Inspiring Indianapolis Youth initiative by watching this video:

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