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Youth Support Specialist

Youth Support Specialist

Lutheran Child and Family Services of Indiana/Kentucky (LCFS), in collaboration with Community Health Network (CHNw), is seeking caring individuals to act as an advocates, educators, mentors and roles models with a passion to change the lives of youth who have experienced trauma, abuse or neglect.  The Youth Support Specialist (YSS)  is a key member of the clinical treatment team, providing direct resident care in a therapeutic environment while applying evidence-based interventions and protocols that promote safety and healing.  The YSS implements treatment plans and administers individual and group instruction in activities of daily living while supporting and implementing the programs, philosophies, policies, and procedures of LCFS and CHNw.

Key Job Functions:

  • Supervise residents at all times
  • Provide feedback to youth regarding their choices and behaviors while maintaining a strengths-based approach through the lens of trauma-informed care
  • Guide and direct youth in completing activities of daily living
  • Participate in aggressive behavior management appropriate to the client served and established policies and procedures; execute individual Crisis Management Plans as directed
  • Implement de-escalation interventions as informed by Therapeutic Crisis Intervention (TCI) program/curricula
  • Utilize Cognitive Behavioral Therapy approaches, as directed by the Therapist/Clinician coordinating each client’s care
  • Complete documentation related to services and client care for treatment records, medical records maintenance, and outcome reporting/billing record data as directed


The Youth Support Specialist position worksite is located at the LCFS (“Lutherwood”) campus across from Community Hospital East


  • High school diploma or GED/high school equivalence
  • Valid Indiana driver’s license and driving record that adheres to CHNw policy guidelines
  • Preference given to candidates with one (1) year experience working with youth in a learning or social service environment


  • Knowledge of, or readiness to learn about, Trauma-Informed care
  • Ability to implement industry established best practices related to the treatment and services provided
  • Desire to work with troubled children
  • Ability to maintain appropriate boundaries and set limits in working with residents
  • Ability to utilize a strength-based perspective and solution-focused model with working with residents and their families
  • Ability to relate in a non-judgmental and culturally competent manner

Position Details:


  • All staff selected for this program will be employees of Community Health Network
  • While the Youth Support Specialist role is predominantly full time; additional opportunities for PRN staff may be considered as well
  • Currently seeking to fill day and evening shifts as follows:
    • Day Shift                  7:00am – 3:30pm
    • Evening Shift          3:00pm – 11:30pm.
  • All hires are required to work weekends during the first 180 days of hire

Apply today at:


Youth Support Specialist Role

Lutherwood Residential Treatment Center


What does a typical day look like?

A great part of your role is that each day is different!  There is a schedule starting from the time the youth wake up until they go to bed.  What happens during the day is dependent on many factors:  Is it a school day?  Is there a special event happening on campus? Etc.  Frequently there are crisis situations (physical aggression, verbal aggression, destruction of property, spitting, etc) that will require staff intervention, at times including physical restraints.

What is my primary responsibility during my shift?

Safety of the youth is always the priority.  Additionally, developing positive relationships with the youth, following the schedule, facilitating groups with the youth, managing behaviors on the milieu, and being a role model are all integral parts of the Youth Support Specialist Role.

How active will I need to be during my shift?

You will be very active throughout your shift – it is a very fast-paced environment.  The expectation is the Youth Support Specialists are actively engaged with the youth at all times, including facilitating group activities, sitting and conversing with the youth during meals, and assisting with needs during the school day to name a few.  Be sure to wear comfortable shoes and dress for the weather, including your shadowing time as well!

How much training will I receive during orientation?

Lots!  We have 5 areas of training that you will complete within 30 days:

  1. Community Health Network Orientation (1 day)
  2. Behavioral Health Orientation (8-10 hours total)
  3. Lutheran Child and Family Services/Lutherwood Orientation (4-5 days)
  4. Therapeutic Crisis Intervention (4 days)
  5. Shadowing on the Milieu (minimum of 32 hours)

Am I expected to do physical restraints on the youth?

Yes – as part of our behavior management of youth, you will be trained in TCI (Therapeutic Crisis Intervention).  You will be taught de-escalation techniques as well as physical restraints with youth to use for safety.

What is the most difficult part of the Youth Support Specialist’s Role?

Our youth have a significant history of trauma (abuse, neglect) and their situations can be difficult.  Secondary trauma is real – Self-care is a must for all of our staff.  Frequent crisis situations will occur and require stress recognition and management.  Critical Thinking is integral in the YSS role.

What are the opportunities for advancement?

Community Health Network offers many options for advancement, including Tuition Reimbursement, as part of your benefit package.  Degreed positions in healthcare or mental health as well as leadership positions are available. 

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