• TEG Architects Rendering of Proposed Trinity House

  • The New Trinity House 10 Bedroom Floor Plan

The Lutheran Child and Family Services Capital Campaign

To provide for better programming, enhance the therapeutic outcome and maintain an appropriate level of support for our current contracts with Indiana Department of Child Services, Indianapolis Public Schools and the Council on Accreditation, new construction, various renovations and replacements must be made to our buildings and grounds to meet current and future needs of the children in our care.

Planned projects include a new 3,000 square foot Trinity House to replace the old 1,800 square foot house where 10 teenage boys share 4 bedrooms; we have also planned a play area in our courtyard for the little boys to play and expend energy. Speaking of energy, but in this case the conservation thereof, we must also replace old mechanical and eletrical systems, some of which are nearly 35 years old. As our services and programs continue to grow, our campus must have the capacity to house them; we have found need for more parking and meeting spaces for family and case worker visits, and we will convert the loading dock on the east side of our facility into extra storage space for the children's belongings. Other projects include security fencing to ensure the safety of the children, and the repair of the brick façades of older buildings.


The counseling and education that LCFS provides requires resources beyond physical facilities. Wages, supplies, insurance and many other costs are continuing - and increasing. Although careful stewardship keeps expenses to a minimum, prudent planning calls for strengthening Lutheran Child & Family Services endowment.


To accomplish these goals, LCFS has begun a three-year Capital and Endowment Campaign, which we're once again calling Give Hope a Home, to raise $3.5 million over the next three years.

The endowment will provide funds to:

Quickly respond to spiritual and community needs;

Enhance a stable fund base to sustain the buildings for the future;

Provide security in times of economic downturn.

Your commitment to strengthen Lutheran Child and Family Services will add to our enduring legacy of hope and love. If, like us, you are alarmed by the rising poverty line and want to stamp out injustice at the root of the cause, look within your heart to determine how we can be the hands and feet of Christ together, and give hope a home right here in Indianapolis.